SA46 DIE YOUNG "survival instinct" 7"

Finally on vinyl for the first time! 300 on clear pressed of this awesome EP in time for their final tours.

SA45 BLACK HAVEN "lazarus" 7"

2 new songs, their first to be released in the US, from one of Belgium's most promising bands. This release picks up where their EP "The Cleansing Storm" left off and is a small indicator of great things to come in the future. Kind of hardcore, kind of punk metal, kind of fucking awesome. Not unlike a mixture of Integrity, Cursed, Rise and Fall, and The Hope Conspiracy! Split release with Holy Shit! Records from Belgium. Limited to 300.

SA44 LOYAL TO THE GRAVE "still climbin' still believin'" CD

U.S. press of this 10 song metallic hardcore filled CD with an all new layout than the Japanese version. Having been a band over 10 years now and countless releases in and outside of Japan, Loyal to the Grave continue to prove themselves as one of the most prolific and liked heavy hardcore bands in the world. This CD will leave you floored with it's heavy riffs, breakdowns, and intense vocals. You would have thought this came out of the Syracuse hardcore scene in the late 90s it's so awesome. Limited to 500 pressed.

SA43 UNRESTRAINED "screaming for a life worth living" 7"

Info Coming soon!

SA42 WHERE IT ENDS "resonate" CD / 7"

Where It Ends debut EP “Resonate” will undoubtedly make a mark for this up and coming South Carolina straight edge outfit. These hardcore fanatics have perfected a nice blend of 90s hardcore mixed with a modern edge to it. Where It Ends can deliver heavy & aggressive music without being perceived as mindless or dumbed-down. You can hear influences from classic bands like Trial, Strife, & Judge but could still picture them on bills with bands such as Verse, The First Step, & Die Young TX. Guest vocals by Chris McClane from Stretch Arm Strong. There are 5 tracks on the vinyl version and 2 bonus tracks on the CD.

SA41 DIE YOUNG "the message" LP

Die Young TX needs little to no introduction. “The Message” is a collection of all of their previous recordings from their first year and half of existence and was originally released on CD in 2004 (Immigrant Sun Records). After several other releases and most notably their latest full length “Graven Images” (Eulogy Records), finally Die Young’s first compositions are now available on 12” vinyl for the first time. We have included all new artwork on silkscreened covers. Inside you will find a nice documentation of the past 4 years of Die Young’s journeys. A zine like liner notes filled with thoughts from current and past members of the band, information about the different recordings, complete lyrics for the album, photographs, and a list of every show Die Young have played can be found within. Die Young are a beacon of light for hardcore in the 2000s. Their short, to the point, socially and politically minded songs will leave you winded and begging for more.

SA40 AMBITIONS "no limits" 7"

Ambitions have a welcomed sound of heavy yet melodic hardcore that is often tried but not nearly executed as well as these guys. Featuring 3 core members from the widely known WITH HONOR (Victory Records), the guys are back with a new band and a fresh new sound. After their debut EP "Question" was released in the summer of 2006 on Think Fast Records the band was quickly approached by the esteemed Bridge 9 Records to release their upcoming full length in '07. Ambitions have been working hard to be heard. They've toured up and down the coast as well as dates with Modern Life Is War & Bane. The 4 songs found here on "No Limits" are from their late '05 demo recordings that have been remastered for all to enjoy and see where this band started out. Comparisons have been made to Ignite, H20, late era Bold, Grey Area, Shelter, & Dag Nasty. Company like that isn't too shabby to be in!

White vinyl:

Black vinyl:

SA39 POUND FOR POUND "common crooks" 7"

Pound For Pound are back with a new 7" filled with their solid hardcore offerings from the Midwest. Fast old NYHC influenced hardcore with plenty of punch when it comes to slowing things down. After the success of their CD "For Our Fallen Brothers" (Surprise Attack) the St. Louis boys went back into the studio to capture more of their depression, angst, and distrust for the world & police. This record isn't pretty and it wasn't meant to be. The animosity towards the rest of the world pours from singer Kenny Pounds heart with the utmost conviction. Title track "Common Crooks" takes it to a new level for the band with superb song writing and lyrics that will please any citizen that is tired of authority figures abuse. Pound For Pound have shared the stage with many great heavy hardcore bands like Hoods, Wisdom In Chains, & Strength For A Reason. If you're into music like Sick Of It All, Skarhead, 100 Demons, and Breakdown you should own this record.

Blue vinyl w/ silkscreened cover:

Black vinyl:

SA38 VAN DAMAGE "gravedigger" LP

Is it punk? Is it hardcore? Is it old school? Does it matter? No matter how you look at it the fury that Van Damage drops on your ass is some of the best that PA has had to offer up over the past few years. 15 songs (9 new joints and 6 off of their out of print debut 7" ) of greatness in the vein of the Cro-Mags and Turning Point bro-ing down at a Monster truck pull. Complete with guest vocals by Dan Mills (Cold World), Scott Vogel (Terror), & Hoodrack (War Hungry). For fans of: Good Hardcore.

Green / Yellow vinyl:

Clear w/ Green & Yellow splatter vinyl:
UNITED & STRONG Hardcore 2006 CD sampler

Split CD sampler by Surprise Attack, Double Or Nothing, & Spook City Records. 19 songs featuring tracks from Bad Blood, Blood Stands Still, The Break In, Dead Weight, Dance Floor Justice, Donnybrook, Fight Like Hell, Folsom, Hank Jones, Holden Caulfield, Ignite The Will, Integrity, Know the Score, Nerve Gas Tragedy, Pound For Pound, Remembering Never, Rise And Fall, Twenty Four Hours To Live, Wisdom In Chains.

SA37 HANK JONES "hey boys, there's beer & pizza in the fridge..." 7"

These pizza loving Erie & Pittsburg, PA boys are at it again. After 2 years of touring off of their debut CD “Saturdays of Thunder” Hank Jones were ready to hit the studio again. The end result was these 6 brand new songs done in their unique style of fast & energetic hardcore. After a few line up changes the HJ crew are tighter and even better sounding than ever. Plenty of sing a-longs, pig piles, and circle pits can be done to these blistering fast and blazing anthems. Similar to great artists such as: Minor Threat, Suicide File, By the Grace of God, & Paint It Black.

Blue / Yellow vinyl:

Clear w/ Orange vinyl:

SA36 THE BREAK IN "unbowed" CD
The Break In is one of the most furious and pissed off sounding bands to ever come out of Europe’s straight edge scene. 10 songs of pure metallic hardcore, fast tempos, and littered with thick breakdowns. On a musical level this is a notch above many. The pounding drumming is superbly executed and on point, the dissonant guitars add an eerie effect, all the while with some of the most insane & nasty screams you can imagine. This is some of the meanest and rawest stuff Surprise Attack has released so far. It’s coming from the U.K. but you would think these guys were raised on the mean streets of Cleveland. Similar too but not mimicking: Ringworm, Earth Crisis, First Blood, Santa Sangre, & Damnation AD.
SA35 POUND FOR POUND "for our fallen brothers" CD
After forming in 1999, Pound For Pound have been working hard to spread their take no shit attitude and bleak outlook on life, complete with a soundtrack of brutal, no nonsense hardcore. Heavy and to the point angst filled music for fans of Agnostic Front, Merauder, Skarhead, Hatebreed, & Sick of it All. The 2nd full length from these Illinois heavyweights and features 11 songs clocking in at almost 28 minutes.

Die Young (Immigrant Sun Rec) conjure up more of their raw and savage hardcore that these Texans are known for. 1 brand new track not featured on any other release and a great Gorilla Biscuits cover of "Degradation" that lyrically is still as relevant today as it was back in the 80's. On the flip side of you will find California's 7 Generations (Straight On Rec). Unlike many people & bands over the years, some of them have stayed true to their convictions. 7 Generations are one of those bands. This split 7" features a brand new track and a great version of "Lie" which was originally done by Downcast. This 7" is a great mix of 2 current bands showing us what they have to offer and at the same time paying tribute to some of hardcores great past. The 7" insert is complete with liner notes and explanations only demonstrating more of each band's quality & devotion.

Check the following webstores as they may still have copies available:

SA33 HOLDEN CAULFIELD "can't stop now" CD
Formed in the year 2000, Holden Caulfield has been pouring all of their heart and energy into this band since its inception. Their unique style of hardcore is aggressive, heavy, and sometimes melodic, but not leaning too much in any particular direction. Which would explain why they have such a broad appeal. Their brand of non-genre specific hardcore will at times be reminiscent of the ‘90s when every band didn’t sound the same and trends weren’t as overdone. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they sound outdated, that’s hardly the case. A band like Holden Caulfield is just the refreshing sound that some of us need these days. This is their 2nd CD on Surprise Attack and these 11 songs will definitely satisfy you. For fans of: Burn It Down, Most Precious Blood, Silent Majority, & Stretch Arm Strong.
SA32 TWENTY FOUR HOURS TO LIVE "we're loudmouths" CD

Tried & true hardcore from the deep Southern scene of Miami FL. This 8 song CD contains fast and precise musicianship like the Cro-Mags mixed with the power and groove of Madball, not to mention a touch of that sweet Gorilla Biscuits vibe. Twenty Four Hours To Live also has plenty of the hardcore aggression & energy found in modern bands like Champion and Outbreak. You can't afford to sleep on hearing this. Featuring members of ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE and guest vocals from Chip SEM (Dance Floor Justice). We're fucking bringin' it down!

Jonathan Dennison (The Promise, Another Victim, & Santa Sangre) and Jarrod Alexander (The Suicide File) began talking about doing a project band together in the summer of 2003 but the project really took shape once they enlisted former Damnation A.D. vocalist, Mike McTernan. The best way to describe this record is that it is truly the sum of all its parts. Being able to draw comparison with any of the members former endeavors all at the same time without being a re-hash or imitation of any of them. CD version can be found on INDECISION RECORDS.

Check the following webstores as they may still have copies available:


SA30 RISE AND FALL "hellmouth" CD
Rise And Fall's sound is raw and intense, but with a lot of heart. A combination of Cleveland and New York hardcore, with influences such as Ringworm, Integrity, Cro-Mags, Killing Time and Madball to name but a few. Add to this their love for darker bands like Today Is The Day and Neurosis and you get a perfect blend of old, new and tough as nails.  And come on, they're named after a Leeway song, how can you go wrong?  This pressing features 2 bonus tracks not on the European press of "hellmouth".
SA29 PRAYER FOR CLEANSING "the tragedy" 7" / CD
7" - $4

Although Prayer for Cleansing might have only had one cd out and broke up in 2000, the buzz surrounding them still lives on. PFC came onto the scene with their brand of vegan straight edge hardcore that also combined elements of Swedish metal. One of the first to pull off this style, but they undoubtedly started a legacy of second rate imitators. None however could demonstrate the finesse and style of PFC. Enter the year 2004; Prayer decides to play a reunion show for itís many fans that did not have the chance to see them in the early years. With over 1,000 kids from all over the world showing up to NC and the band having the time of their lives, PFC decided to hop into the studio and re-record three tracks that were never released due to prior poor production. With a new recording and new vigor, these three ferocious tracks complete the short but often talked about lifespan of this highly influential band. Some members went on to form Victory Record'sBETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. (co-released w/ WAR TORN RECORDS)

7" - Clear w/ Blue vinyl:

7" - Green vinyl:

SA28 SHOTPOINTBLANK "heart of a disbeliever" CD
One of the best true hardcore bands still around these days.  12 anthems that will leave any listener ready to smash their fist through a wall.  Fast, heavy, and unapologetic in both their music and their ideals.  Their 3rd SA MOB release!  For fans of:  Madball, The Promise, Throwdown & Hatebreed.
SA27 TARGET NEVADA "no, we don't want to play your shitty fest" CD
Miami FL's bastard sons are back for their 2nd SA MOB release.  Biting sarcasm & intense metal influenced hardcore will be found within.  Words one might use to describe this CD: insensitive, uncivilized, callous, remorseless, ruthless, & savage. This band isn't afraid to speak their minds & tell you how it is.  For fans of:  Zao, Remembering Never, Isis, Norma Jean, & Converge.
Hardcore worldwide is alive and well.  This split CD sees opposite sides of the planet coming together to unify our scenes. Erie, PAís PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER was one of the most talked about Lake Effect Hardcore bands that came out in the new millennium.  After a couple of years off, they decided that their job was left unfinished.  The PSR crew are back to bring you more of their fast, brutal, and honest, straight up hardcore sound similar to bands like Death Threat, No Warning, and Sick of It All.  Teaming up on this split are their label mates from down under, SHOTPOINTBLANK.  Some of Australiaís finest next to their buddies in Day of Contempt, bring you several new tracks of their punishing slightly metal but more on the hardcore side of things.  SPB blast through fast parts, slow breakdowns, and plenty of sing along style of hardcore not unlike The Promise, Throwdown, and Terror.  Donít miss out on one of the best combinations to rekindle your spirit in hardcore pride.
The second record from Miami FLís up and coming kings of punishing hardcore. Super raw, heavy, & fast paced without any of the pretentious B.S. infiltrating a once great scene. This CD will blow you away quicker than Hurricane Andrew. AHBL Features current members of Until The End & Target Nevada. If you want quality heavy music than look no further.  For fans of: Until The End, Terror, Death Threat, Figure Four, & Buried Alive.
SA24 HOLDEN CAULFIELD "the art of burning bridges" CD
This WV band delivers some seriously raging hardcore with an occasional touch of melody in some songs. So hard hitting and intense that you will be wanting more by the end of this CDep. Some of their influences are: Most Precious Blood, Sick Of It All, & Stretch Arm Strong. Be on the look out for this band.
SA23 SHOTPOINTBLANK "kill... <breath>... kill" CD
Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Shotpointblank play a hard, fast aggressive brand of 'core fusing elements of metal and hardcore with hints of melody, crunching dance parts and breakdowns. This is understandable when you consider that some of their main influences include Hatebreed, Madball, 100 Demons, Buried Alive, & Throwdown.
SA22 TARGET NEVADA "something nasty" CD single
Target Nevadaís debut CDep is under ten minutes of intense metal / hardcore (minus all of the overly melodic parts ran into the ground by bands these days). This cd may be short on length but not on quality. For fans of: Zao, Remembering Never, Norma Jean, Converge, & Isis. Also, this CD will NOT be repressed so get it while you can.  "Target Nevada sound almost like acid made to sound." - INSIDE KNOWLEDGE zine
21 tracks and over 65 minutes of Lake Effect hardcore & punk tunes. Some unreleased & released tracks mixed in with some Erie newcomers. Bands included: Brother's Keeper, Empty Promises, Problem Solver Revolver, xRetaliatoryStrikex, Anchor, Seven Stitches, Shockwave, xDisciplex AD, Silent But Deadly, Black Rose Diary, Rockets Red Glare, When Words Fail, The Slow Dance, Good Intentions, Xyster, The Good Guys, Cease To Breathe, [D]fenestration, Dead by Dawn, Closer Than Dying, & Criminally Insane.
SA20 V/A BUDGET SAMPLER "it's all about the money" CD
3 way split CD between SA MOB, Red Star, & Good Fellow Records.  Featuring tracks from all of our releases from these amazing bands:  poison the well, shogun, darker day tomorrow, problem solver revolver, rise over run, kid gorgeous, schoolyard bully, taken, dead to the world, santa sangre, every time i die, the swarm, coming of the new messiah, disciple, avarice, brother's keeper, disembodied, bridgewater, prayer for a fallen angel, confine, shockwave, officer down, & sumthin' to prove.  23 FREAKING SONGS MAN!!!!!
SA19 PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER "winner takes all" CD
5 songs of straight up hardcore with amazingly tight fast parts, jungle beats, & even some slow to mid-tempo dance floor mayhem breakdowns. Fans of the NYHC (Madball, Death Threat, No Warning) sound will be into this. Before I forget, the packaging is all handmade with silk-screened covers!
SA18 SCHOOLYARD BULLY "heartbreak curse" CD
Fast & crazy old school styled hardcore before it was cool again!  These guys sure know how to pump all of their energy into their music. Musically SYB isn't just your average band.  For fans of Youth of Today and Stretch Arm Strong (who happen to lay down some sick guest vocals on several tracks).
SA17 SANTA SANGRE "2000 demo" CASS
After the awesome Syracuse Hardcore band Another Victim broke up, guitarist JD and bassist Buske started a new band with a new sound.  Santa Sangre played heavy hardcore with a touch of metal and a smidgen of heavy southern rock (one of the first HC bands to incorporate this style).  A slight mix of Damnation AD meets Merauder would best sum it up.  We only made 500 of these cassettes which were gold, and the jackets were gold & black.  Santa Sangre ended up doing an awesome full length on Eulogy Records and broke up after that.
If you woke up today with a craving for some pissed off heavy hardcore from New Zealand than look no further. This CD features 9 kick ass tunes from "The Messiah". Including destined to be classics such as "Bastard", "Spinkick", "Stab You in the Throat" and more!!! This CD is so addictive, it will have you singing along in no time!!! It doesn’t get much heavier than this. For fans of Integrity, Converge, Bleeding Through.
SA15 BROTHER'S KEEPER "sweet revenge" 7" / CASS / CD
7" - $2 / CD - $3
4 Songs done in the distinctive BK style. Positive and thought provoking Erie Hardcore. These tracks can’t be found on any of their other releases. "Sweet Revenge", "Lollipop", "Red Headed Step Child", and "4.0 in Ego-mania". "How can you make music this fucked up without being on drugs?" says IN EFFECT Magazine.  (First 252 7" vinyl mail-orders will receive limited red vinyl) For fans of: Stretch Arm Strong, Rage Against the Machine, Snapcase, Bad Brains, & Refused.



SA14.5 BROTHER'S KEEPER limited edition benefit CASS
Because You Care is an Erie animal help group that offers an alternative to the Humane Society. The BYC is a grass roots organization that helps take in stray cats and dogs, feeds and nourishes them, and then provides the animals with homes. BK fully supports the BYC so that is why they decided to make this benefit tape for them. The tape includes 4 live tracks from a show at the Pickle Patch on their '97 summer tour with Boy Sets Fire. The sound quality is decent but this release was more about raising money for the BYC to help out with costs. Only 500 of tapes will be made, they are hand numbered and uniquely packaged, and of course there is plenty of info that comes inside as well. STILL PLENTY IN STOCK!!!
SA14 BRIDGEWATER "in one act" 7" / CD
7" - $2
Emotional hardcore jam packed with intensity. We still haven't heard one bad thing about this record yet!  Heavy yet soothing. The CD version of this includes 4 bonus tracks with guest vocals from TORN APART. For fans of: Thrice, Grade, & Thursday. Rockin.


SA13 SHOCKWAVE "warpath" 7" / CASS
Back in print after over 5 years. Recorded and released back in 1997, this 7" was a milestone in Erie Hardcore history. Shockwave quickly became notorious throughout the world with their brand of heavy hardcore and catchy lyrics. Playing shows only once, maybe twice a year at the legendary annual Erie, PA Shocktober shows, an occasional West Coast special appearance, and one tour of Europe, the band was very low key but made huge waves throughout the scene over the past decade. This will NOT ever be repressed on vinyl again. COLORED VINYL: Blue.
SA12 xDISCIPLEx AD "lantern" CASS / CD
Repress of their 1996 debut. A little more straight forward than current releases but still heavy!


SA11 V/A ERIE SCENE REPORT "a documentary in lake effect hardcore" CD
"A Documentary in Lake Effect Hardcore". 9 bands, 16 songs, and over 50 minutes of Erie HC. Rare demo tracks and some unreleased songs by Brother’s Keeper, Abnegation, Disciple, Neverfall, Digression, Mothership, Sumthin To Prove, Out of Hand, and Break Iron. A good sample of past and current bands from the Erie scene circa 1990-96

100 on CASS.  #ed on the inside spine of the J card.  This split tape featured 3 tracks (original recordings, some later appeared on comps) from each band.  Proceeds were donated to the American Lung Cancer Association of Erie.  Most of these cassettes were sold at one Erie show.

     Track list:
NEVERFALL: Healed - Bound By Silence - Right Through
DISCIPLE: Eyewitness - Candy Apple - Heart Strings Broken

SA10 xDISCIPLEx AD "scarab" 7" / CASS
Back in print for the first time in years. This will be the last pressing of this 7" ever! So don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on their second recording ever. "Scarab" was recorded 10 years ago and is still an amazing release in the xDisciplex A.D. back catalog. In your face metallic spirit filled hardcore. This record set the Erie scene on fire. See where the band got their start as this is your last chance to obtain this on vinyl. Members now in Jesus Wept & No Innocent Victim. COLORED VINYL: Clear.

7" - Clear Vinyl:


SA09 DIGRESSION "controlled" 7"
Three songs of fast paced metallic hardcore full of chugs, gang chants, and dive bombs. Plenty of moshin used to happen when these guys hit the stage. Erie sXe HC. 
sa zine 8.jpg (391533 bytes) 1996 issue, 48 page half size zine.  Interviews w/ Sepultura, Refuge Fanzine, Switchstyle (JAP). Reviews, articles, and photos.  Click on cover to see full size.
sa zine 6.jpg (386021 bytes) 20 pg half size zine.  8 page diary from me summer of 1995, along with a day documented from 7 other people's lives.  Nothing but writing in this one.  I made it compact since it was free.  Click on cover to see full size. Click on cover to see full size.
SA05 OUTCOME "selt titled" 7"
Complete with blasphemous lyrics and imagery. Outcome proclaimed to be "leaders of the Agnostic Revolution". Some might say a little cocky and arrogant, but thatís why we liked them. Super heavy deathcore possibly compared to a cross of Bloodlet and Chokehold.  Members went on to play in Turmoil, Sever the Fallen, & Lick Golden Sky.
sa zine 4.jpg (190434 bytes) 1995 issue, 54 half size pages.  Lots of straight edge attitude, tons of reviews and articles, cool photos and interviews with PA hardcore bands Outcome & Blindside. Click on cover to see full size.
sa zine 3.jpg (385709 bytes) 1994, 12 half size pages.  A week in the life of the SA MOB ringleader from the summer of 1994.  This was before live-journal, before everyone had email.  Old school personal zines.  Just a diary, no whiny poetry. Click on cover to see full size.
sa zine 2.jpg (569114 bytes) 1994-95 issue, 78 full size pages.  Interviews with Very Distro, and the Mobilization for Animals, & PA hardcore bands Abnegation & Brother's Keeper (before I was in the band).  Lots of reviews, photos, some writing, and lots of attitude. Click on cover to see full size.
sa zine 1.jpg (496281 bytes) 1993-94 issue, 50 full size pages of Vegetarian Straight edge fury.  Interviews w/ Turmoil, Forethought, Introspect, & Conviction.  Reviews, articles, and photos. Click on cover to see full size.