To Be Announced
BLACK HAVEN "lazarus" 7"
"still climbing, still believing" CD
UNRESTRAINED "screaming for a life worth living" 7"
"resonate" CD / 7"
"the message" 12"
"no limits" 7"
"common crooks " 7"
"gravedigger" 12"
"hey boys, there's beer & pizza in the fridge..." 7"
"unbowed" CD
"for our fallen brothers" CD

11/10/12 - No new releases to report about label wise. I wouldn't say that I'm done releasing music for good, just not sure what the future holds for now. We'll just have to wait and see. I've been liquidating everything in the webstore for some time now and shipping out orders every week. Everything is 30-50% off and there's some great deals.

Last winter I started a new band called HUMAN ANIMAL. It's my first band that I'm not playing bass in, I'm singing. Our 5 song EP is available for free download and we self released a CD if you'd like to order it directly from the band. Check it out!

10/22/10 - Our webstore was down for a bit but we finally sorted it all out. Please support! Check out the tremendous sales on CDs and we even discounted some vinyl! Huge savings.

No new releases are planned as of right now. Been laying low working on other projects like Smoke and Mirrors and tattooing. Hopefully some new band will inspire me to want to release something new. In the mean time I'm hoping to start getting some new distro stock coming in soon. Until then, take care. - EMS 100%

11/17/09 - New releases available now.

Die Young "Survival Instinct" 7" on clear vinyl

Unrestrained "Screaming for a Life worth Living" 7" on black and limited red vinyl

Smoke and MIrrors "The Ghost Army" CD

Smoke and Mirrors / Heart Holds True "split" on yellow vinyl

5/26/09 - The long awaited limited runs of both the LOYAL TO THE GRAVE “Still Climbin’ Still Believing” CD & BLACK HAVEN "Lazarus" 7"s are both available in the webstore now. Both releases came out awesome and we're glad to work with so many great international bands. We had to reject the first test presses for the Black Haven which is the first time in almost 15 years of putting out music that we had to do that. Shit happens.

The UNRESTRAINED "Screaming for a Life Worth Living" 7"s are all in and we're just waiting to get the mailorder covers finished before we unleash it on you all. It's another solid release in the SA MOB catalog that we are super proud of. The 7" release show is June 4th in Portland, OR with Sweden's ANCHOR. If you're on the West Coast you should hit this up. The band with have a special limited edition to 43 copies release show 7" on red with special screened covers.

My band SMOKE AND MIRRORS is self releasing a split 7" collaboration with HEART HOLDS TRUE (ex- Holden Caulfield). It should be available sometime this summer and we'll be sure to have it available in the Surprise Attack webstore. Only 300 will be pressed. Heart Holds True just released a limited 4 song "This is War" demo EP.

We printed up some DYS inspired SA MOB "Lake Effect" shirts that are still available in many sizes and colors. Check them out HERE.


Loyal To The Grave -
Unrestrained -
Black Haven -
Heart Holds True -
Smoke and Mirrors -

6/10/08 - A few new releases are upon the horizon here at Mob H.Q. First up is the long awaited LOYAL TO THE GRAVE “Still Climbin’ Still Believing” CD. We’ve been planning on putting this out for sometime but for one reason or another it’s taken us way too long to get this out. Kids will not be disappointed and I appreciated LTG for being patient with us. It will be limited to a one time press of 500 and is chock full of metallic hardcore that you would have thought came out of Syracuse, NY in 1995. Check out the Japanese Hardcore scene, there’s a ton of great bands coming out of there.

In other news Surprise Attack will be releasing the debut 7” from Portland, OR’s UNRESTRAINED. It’s a great mix of hardcore punk with that patented North West flavor. Unrestrained feature ex-members of The Dead Unknown, Forced Forward, Pulling Teeth, & more. You can download their whole demo from their myspace!

You all know how much I love the European hardcore scene right? Well we’re doing a limited edition 7” called “Lazarus” from a great up and coming Belgium metal / punk / hardcore band called BLACK HAVEN. It’s being pressed in Europe just in time for their tour with Converge & Coliseum by their guitarists label Holy Shit Industries.

We’re also working on a bunch of split 7”s that we’ll be announcing soon. We went for months without any releases planned and *BAM* all of the sudden there’s just so many awesome artists that I feel honored to work with. Hopefully you fine folks reading this will check them all out!

Oh yeah and a personal plug… I’ve dusted off my bass and my new band Smoke and Mirrors has our self released 6 song debut out now. It’s available in the webstore and you can check out our website

3/28/08 - It's been a little quiet on the news updating front. All is well here. Just shipping out boxes of orders from the webstore every week. It's looking like we're starting to run low on a bunch of our releases in limited edition colored vinyl as well as a few CDs. We will not be repressing a lot of these so don't sleep on picking them up.

7/23/07 - Pre-Orders are now up for our 2 new releases: WHERE IT ENDS "resonate" 7"/CD & DIE YOUNG TX "the message" 12". Both releases came out awesome. There are very limited colored vinyly versions only available directly from our webstore and once they're gone, they're gone. Don't sleep. You can save a few bucks by getting the package deals too, check them out!

We also have new stickers that we're throwing in with every order. Suicidal.

4/15/07 - VAN DAMAGE are playing their final show coming up next weekend. It is taking place in Lemoyne, PA @ the Championship w/ Down To Nothing, Coke Bust, War Hungry, Wake Up Call, I Rise, & Our Times. We're very sad to see them go. "Gravedigger" was the very first 12" we ever ever pressed and will be close to our hearts. It is on sale now for $6.99 and will not be repressed once it's sold out. Click here to purchase a copy.

POUND FOR POUND are currently on tour. Check their myspace page for dates. Don't miss out.

We have been working on adding some of our vinyl only releases like the new POUND FOR POUND "common crooks" & the HANK JONES 7"s available for digital downloads. Check out our page on download for more information. We're keeping the prices as low as possible.

3/14/07 - The AMBITIONS "no limits" & the POUND FOR POUND "common crooks" 7"s are now available in our webstore. Both records are seriously awesome so don't miss out. The Ambitions mailorder version sold out in just 5 days but we still have some of the Pound For Pound on Blue vinyl w/ killer silkscreened covers (mailorder only limited to 100). You can also hear a track from the Pound For Pound "Common Crooks" 7" on our MYSPACE.

1/22/07 - We already have many new releases planned for the first half of 2007. Out in Feb will be two awesome releases: recent Bridge 9 signees AMBITIONS "no limits" 7" & a new POUND FOR POUND "common crooks" 7". Pre-orders will go up soon for the limited colors.

Also upcoming we have a new 7"/CD from South Carolina straight edge band WHERE IT ENDS. The recording is all ready finished and we're just working on artwork right now. You can hear a new song on their myspace page.

Surprise Attack will also be releasing DIE YOUNG's "the message" on 12" vinyl format for the first time. It will be limited to 600 copies and feature silkscreened covers, a zine like insert documenting the past 4 years as well as all of the recordings on the album, and liner notes from past and current members of the band. This & the WHERE IT ENDS releases will be this Spring.

1/15/07 - We have some new Surprise Attack shirts in stock! For all of you Suicidal Maniacs out there this shirt is guaranteed to make you want to blast "Institutionalized" at full volume. This shirt was drawn by the talented Mike C. Hardcore from FL. He's done a ton of album covers, awesome flyers, and a slew of killer shirt designs. He also sings in the Florida hardcore band Make Or Break so check them out! All of the shirts are on athletic gray.


11/27/06 - Just because the NEWS section of this site was not updated for a bit doesnt mean that we stopped putting out awesome records. We had 3 really good releases come out mid 2006 and you can see them all right below. Don't miss the chance for the more limited colored vinyl versions only available directly from us:
VAN DAMAGE "Gravedigger" LP &
HANK JONES "Hey Boys, There's Beer & Pizza in the Fridge... Love Mom" 7".

As with all of our CD releases you can get THE BREAK IN "Unbowed" CD for only $5 or even better you can purchase our European Combo pack and get that CD plus the RISE AND FALL "Hellmouth" CD for $8!!!

2007 is all ready looking awesome. We've got a few bands writing material, a few actually in the studio, and even some projects all ready at the plant.

We have also received the final presses of the PRAYER FOR CLEANSING "The Tragedy" 7" on 2 new colors. Once these are gone, that's it for the release on vinyl.

A little bit ago we joined up with Spook City Records & Double Or Nothing Records to release a cool sampler CD entitled "United & Strong". It features a few songs from each label totaling in at 19 tracks in all. All orders from our webstore will receive a free copy until we run out of them!

9/15/06 - We've been so busy with the mailorder and distro we haven't had a ton of time to update this bad boy in awhile. Just wanted to let you all know that we're still alive, we've just been too busy packing up orders (which isn't a bad thing for us)! More updates to come real soon. The webstore has been getting weekly updates with all of our new distro items so check that mofo out. Hope your summer was as awesome as ours. - EMS

5/11/06 - Well the new webstore has been launched and other than a few minor bugs that are being worked out we are very pleased with the amount of traffic we've been getting. If you're looking for hard to find quality hardcore releases than you've found the place. We offer prompt shipping, reasonable prices, and an ever growing variety of more than just the trends and hype of the month. Check it out and any support just goes back into the label and distro.

The SHOCKWAVE "warpath" & DISCIPLE AD "scarab" 7" represses on colored vinyl are now in stock. These are the final represses of these records ever so get these while you can, they will go fast. Both were very important points in both bands existence so be sure to check them out if you didn't have the opportunity to in the past.