4/6/06 - Don't forget that this Sat April 8th is the first ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE show in well over a year. If you live anywhere near Florida you should be at this. For more details click here. You also have 10 chances to see RISE AND FALL while they are here in the US. Info for their tour dates w/ Blacklisted & Guns Up! are now on the site. Don't miss out on your chance to see these guys. Click here for TOUR DATES.

2/27/06 - We’ve got tons of News from the SA MOB HQ so let’s dive into it. Our second release of 2006 is going to be the US release of THE BREAK IN’s “Unbowed” full length CD. I got a chance to see this band live at the end of 2004 and have wanted to do a release with them ever since. The Break In have a prior MCD and a 7” out in Europe as well. They are seriously one of the most ferocious sounding bands around these days. You can hear a new MP3 from the upcoming CD release “Unbowed” here: "Coffin Dodger". This will be out this Spring.

After that we will be releasing a brand new 6 song 7” from Erie, PA’s hardcore punk pizza loving HANK JONES. Hank Jones have been around for a few years now with numerous tours and an energetic live show that can’t help but make you want to circle pit & sing along. The band has a full length CD out entitled “Saturday’s Of Thunder” on Undecided Records. You can hear some previous songs by checking out their Myspace page here. Mid March Hank Jones will be entering the studio to record the 7” tracks. The 7" will be out in time for their summer tours. We can’t wait!

For those of you who need further convincing that the new POUND FOR POUND CD is one of the best releases all ready this year, we have added a new mp3 that you can download - “Losing Battle”. Check it out and see what all of the hype is about. Pound for Pound will also be entering the studio sometime in April to record a new 7” which is due out summer '06.

If you didn’t know all ready, RISE AND FALL’s brand new CD “Into Oblivion” comes out on March 14th via Deathwish Inc. It’s a ripper for sure so you should really pick one up. Also any of you fellow American’s who have been asking me when the Rise And Fall guys were gonna take a trip from their homeland of Belgium and grace are presence can now relax. This April Rise And Fall are hitting the shores of the East Coast for 10 shows with Blacklisted. We have some dates posted and will continue to update the info as we get it. Do not miss this opportunity to see them and pick up the new CD and the Surprise Attack release of “Hellmouth” if you don’t have it all ready.

Everyone knows that ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE ended over a year ago due to the unfortunate death of their drummer Joe. Well I guess they couldn’t fight the powers that initially drew them in together as they are reuniting for a show this April with the drummer from Dead Weight filling in. Check the TOURS section for full info. Some of the guys are currently playing in Dead Weight & Dance Floor Justice, both of which have CDs coming out soon so you should really check them out.

7 Generations recently released a new split 7” with Gather on New Eden Records. Both sides of this record are awesome. We will have them in the webstore shortly. The Die Young / 7 Generations split that we released has been selling awesome and getting a lot of good feedback. We have about 50 of the really rare black / pink vinyl left and not much more in the other colors. Once these are all sold out we are NOT repressing this so don’t get caught snoozing man.

It’s been well over 5 years since either of these 7” records have been available from us and we thought this repress was long overdue… This spring will be the final pressing for both the SHOCKWAVE “warpath” 7” (500 on blue) and the xDISCIPLEx AD “scarab” 7” (600 on clear). Both were early releases in each bands lifespan and really helped to get them to the status they both achieved. Now is your chance to see where it all started. Once these are gone, that’s it for good. Both will be available this April & we expect these to go fast!

We are currently working with a programmer to redo our entire webstore. The amount of support and orders we’ve received over the past year has easily doubled. The new store will have a lot more features and we will finally be able to take credit card orders instead of just paypal. I’m not sure on a launch date for this just yet, but boy am I excited. We have all ready stockpiled over 50 new titles that are great releases and hope to come out with the new store really strong. So basically, save some cash for us because we need it to pump out all of these releases coming up. Take care hombres. - EMS

12/30/05 - The year is about to come to an end but we've already got news about our first release in 2006... sa35 POUND FOR POUND "for our fallen brothers" 11 song CD. Just as fierce as the cold winds coming off of Lake Michigan, this CD will knock you on your ass. "For Our Fallen Brothers" is now available from our WEBSTORE but won't be available from most major distributors until late January. So don't hesitate and order one directly from us today, and in case you forgot all of our CD releases are only $5 or cheaper. You can't beat that anywhere. Check out POUND FOR POUNDs myspace page to hear some tracks.

We also have some new Surprise Attack Records shirt designs in stock. Our first shirt design in over 5 years. Damn that took awhile. This sweet shirt was drawn and laid out by Donny Phillips who is in one of our favorite bands, The Warriors. This design is on the front & across the chest. All on black t-shirts and available in YL-XXL for only $10. Click here for a larger picture of the artwork. Since I know you want to order one go to our WEBSTORE and pick one up (along with some other items!

11/09/05 - Quick update, the vinyl for sa34 DIE YOUNG / 7 GENERATIONS split 7" came in today. All of the pre-orders have now been shipped. Thanx to all who have patiently waited. We still have a bit of the more limited colors available. Check out the kick ass colors here.

10/25/05 - We are now accepting pre-orders for sa34 DIE YOUNG / 7 GENERATIONS split 7". First come first serve Black & Red Mixed vinyl limited to 125 copies only available directly from Surprise Attack Records. These will go fast. Tentative ship date: Nov 4th.

TWENTY FOUR HOURS TO LIVE are currently booking an East Coast tour for the first week of January. If anyone can help out with a show please contact the band at twentyfourhourstolive@surpriseattackrecords.com Don't forget their 8 song CD "we're loudmouths" is still available for only $5.

Check the RELEASE section. All of our older CD titles are now only $5 or less! What other label sells all of their CDs that cheap! Titles from ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, SHOTPOINTBLANK, HOLDEN CAULFIELD, & TARGET NEVADA.

9/1/05 - GREAT NEWS! The brand new 11 song full length from HOLDEN CAULFIELD entitled "Can't Stop Now" will be available Sept 13 from all of your favorite distros. If you'd like to get it sooner than that you can order the CD now for the amazing price of ONLY $5 from our WEBSTORE! How amazing is that? And it just keeps getting better... Sept 10th in Huntington, WV will be the CD release show. Every single person that pays to get in will receive a free copy of the CD! It's gonna be a blast. CLICK HERE to check out new MP3 from the CD entitled "Northern California Nightmare".

In other news: The Die Young / 7 Generations split 7" is finally getting wrapped up. This is going to be limited to a one time press and will feature a few awesome color choices so we are going to be offering pre-orders within the next couple of weeks. Don't forget to check out our WEBSTORE because we have lowered a bunch of SA MOB releases in prices. All of our full lengths are now only $8 and we are still offering the following New Releases for only $5 each, Rise And Fall "hellmouth", Twenty Four Hours To Live "we're loudmouths", and now the Holden Caulfield "can't stop now" CD. We just want more and more people to check out what each of these great bands has to offer so please check out one of their CDs. We just don't see the need to over price our releases. Obviously we need money to keep putting out records, but this label is so much more than just that. Thanx.

7/12/05 - The TWENTY FOUR HOURS TO LIVE "we're loudmouths" CD is now out. We have just added a new mp3 entitled "My Way". To get the CD you can either order it from our WEBSTORE or you can get your sorry ass out to one of their shows. They are currently on TOUR supporting the CDs release. In fact just about all of the Surprise Attack Bands are on the road this month so check out the TOUR page. Some of you might have wondered what the hell ever happened to TARGET NEVADA, well this coming weekend is their final show in Miami, FL. HOLDEN CAULFIELD are also playing the Miami show. The new Holden Caulfield CD "Can't Stop Now" is coming along great and should be to the pressing plant shortly. We have been adding new stuff to our WEBSTORE left and right and judging by the amount of orders coming in, kids seem stoked on the quality of our service, prices, and items we carry. Keep it up!

6/21/05 - Today summer has started and we've got a full schedule for keeping real hardcore alive in 2005. We are now taking pre-orders for the TWENTY FOUR HOURS TO LIVE "we're loudmouths" CD. Click here to order. In support of the release of their debut CD Twenty Four Hours To Live are hitting the road for a good part of the summer. Click here for the tour dates. A few dates have yet to be filled so if you can help the band out with a show please email them at: twentyfourhourstolive@surpriseattackrecords.com

HOLDEN CAULFIELD has just finished recording their new full length at Broadmoor Recording Studios with Russ Fox (Bleach, Byzantine, Viva Voce) titled "Can't Stop Now". If all goes as planned it will be out by beginning of August. The band will embark on a 2.5 week tour from July 8th to July 24th to promote the record. Speaking of tour, some of the dates have yet to be filled. If you can help with a show at all, please send an email to holdencaulfield@surpriseattackrecords.com. Keep in mind that these cities aren't the only places they will play because things can be moved somewhere else for a show. We will have a new MP3 up soon and I'm sure it wont disappoint.

We are pleased to announce our next 2 releases. The first is a split 7". It includes two socially and politically motivated bands. We are very excited to be working with 7 GENERATIONS from Southern California. 7 Generations are a Vegan Straight Edge band that is charged with the passion and energy that I have always loved about hardcore. You can check out their previous 7" on Straight On Records or you can click here to listen to some mp3s. The flip side of the record will be filled with the hate and fury of the motivational and powerful TX HC band DIE YOUNG. It is my pleasure to work with this band having been very impressed with their previous releases on Immigrant Sun Records. Click here to listen to some of their mp3s.

We have been adding more and more items to our online distribution. Please support this area of our website. We try to cater to other hard working DIY labels that embody the true spirit of community and hardcore. And if you don't really give a rats ass about all of that, did you see those prices? Yeah we lowered all of them and will be keeping the prices this low. Please support! Click here to check out the SA MOB webstore.

- Miami, FL's TWENTY FOUR HOURS TO LIVE will be releasing their new CD on Surprise Attack Records this summer.  The recording will be completed mid May and the record will be out just in time for their US summer tours.  We couldn't be more excited about teaming up with such an awesome and energetic band.  If you haven't heard them yet you can check out a song from the CD by checking out their Myspace page.  More info to come.

4/24/05 - The WHEN TIGERS FIGHT 7"s have arrived.  This thing is seriously flying out of here.  We have a #ed limited press on Yellow only available from our site so jump to it because these are going faster than we had even imagined.  For complete pressing info check out our Collector's Corner.  Stop by the WEBSTORE now to pick these up.  All quality distributors will have this release (as well as other SA MOB releases) within the next week or so, but in the mean time why not order it from us!?!  Don't forget, we also carry a ton of other label's items in our WEBSTORE as well.

4/12/05 - The RISE AND FALL "hellmouth" CDs are in!  Damn we're stoked on this release.  So damn heavy.  Take part in the special $5 limited offer!  Thanx to everyone who pre-ordered the CD, they have all been shipped out.  We also just got word that the WHEN TIGERS FIGHT 7"s will be stock by next Tuesday.  Start ordering now because a good portion of these are all ready spoken for!

4/6/05 - HOLDEN CAULFIELD are currently working on pre-production for their upcoming full length CD due out this summer. You can hear a few demo tracks on their Myspace page. So far the new songs we've heard have been killer. If you can't wait til summer to get some new Holden goodies you can stop by their site and pick up the self released "Set Phazers to Kill" DVD (only 200 made).

3/22/05 - Within the next couple of weeks 2 brand new SA MOB releases will be available.  We are currently taking pre-orders for the RISE AND FALL "hellmouth" CDs.  The best part is that we are offering these at HALF PRICE!  Head over to the WEBSTORE to get in on this sweet deal.

We are also proud to announce that SA MOB will be putting out the 7" vinyl version of the brand new
EP.  The CD version was released by our friends over at Indecision Records.  The 7"s should be in stock any day now and all are on high quality colored vinyl.  Check out the MP3 "I'm Sorry".  Pre-orders can be made now and will ship as soon as they arrive.

Jonathan Dennison (The Promise, Another Victim, & Santa Sangre) and Jarrod Alexander (The Suicide File) began talking about doing a project band together in the summer of 2003 but the project really took shape once they enlisted former Damnation A.D. vocalist, Mike McTernan. The best way to describe this record is that it is truly the sum of all its parts. Being able to draw comparison with any of the members former endeavors all at the same time without being a re-hash or imitation of any of them.

We have also added a ton of new DISTRO items to the WEBSTORE so jump on over and check it out.

1/30/05 - SA MOB is proud to announce our first release of 2005... sa30 - RISE AND FALL "hellmouth" CD.  Rise and Fall are one of the premier European hardcore bands these days.  RAF are a perfect combination of their Belgium hardcore heritage and the best elements of New York and Cleveland bands.  See for yourself by checking out their track "where ghosts roam" from their upcoming 10 song CD.  Don't worry kids, plans to tour the USA are in the works.   You can also check out their site at www.riseandfall.org


SHOTPOINTBLANK are about to head back to Australia and had a blast playing a ton of great shows here in the states.  They were blown away by all of the love and support everyone has given them.  So from the band and the MOB, thanx a million to anyone who came to a show, bought a cd or shirt, sang along and danced.  We've all ready been making preliminary plans for their next US visit.  For their welcome home SPB will be supporting 4 of the Australian MADBALL dates.  We'll post the info as soon as we get them.

1/6/05 - Happy New Year!  Quick update.  All of our bands are playing shows this January.  I'll be heading down to FL this weekend to catch the finale of an amazing band, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSETARGET NEVADA are playing the show as well.  SHOTPOINTBLANK's tour has been going great.  They are having an awesome time and enjoying every American dining establishment that has vegan food to offer.  I'm still not sure if they're here to play shows or eat all of our grub.  HOLDEN CAULFIELD, PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER, & SHOTPOINTBLANK will be playing a few shows together. For more detailed info CLICK HERE FOR TOUR DATES.

12/16/04 - The final show for ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE will take place in Miami, FL on Jan 8th 2005.
"Alright so here it is... as you all know because of Joe's passing, All Hell Breaks Loose will be disbanding. We have set up our final show which will be a benefit for Joe's family. All the money made from the show will be donated to Joe's family. So everyone please come out and give us as well as Joe an amazing send off. The lineup is as follows... All Hell Breaks Loose (FINAL SHOW!!! NO REUNIONS) - Until the End - Target Nevada & many more.
     We will also be having raffles through out the evening courtesy of our friends at Surprise Attack, Ferret, Trustkill, Eulogy and Good Bye Blue Skies records. Like I said all the money will be donated to Joe's family.
     The show is being held at the Alley, January 8th, doors are at 5 and admission is $10. Please come out and support and give us a good send-off. Thank you to everyone who has written us and been there... we will never forget this. Thank you. - All Hell Breaks Loose"

SHOTPOINTBLANK's US tour kicked off tonight with more of our friends from FL, CASEY JONES & KIDS LIKE US.  CLICK HERE FOR TOUR DATES. 

In honor of their US debut we have decided to offer you all 3 of their CDs for one low price.  Head on over to the WEBSTORE to check out this limited time offer.

We have also revamped our WEBSTORE to make it a little more user friendly.  Please support our distro and the awesome DIY labels we carry that have similar goals.  We have some new items coming soon from Dead & Gone Records (UK) & Dead Serious (GER) and we just got in a bunch of new titles from Warmachine Records.

It won't be until Feb 2005 that the next SA release will be out.   We are very excited about this project but all will remain *hush*hush* for the next week or so.  You won't be let down.  Spread the word. - EMS

12/1/04 - Sad, sad news.  Joe Lamadrid, the drummer of ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE was found dead after their show this past Friday November 26th in Tampa, FL.  There isn't much to say except for how tragic this truly is and how saddened I am when I think about it.  Words just escape me at this time.  Here is what the band has to say.

"All Hell Breaks Loose has decided not to continue in light of what has happened. To put any and all rumors to bed, we don't know what happened and neither does his family. I have received numerous phone calls asking about rumors and to put all rumors to sleep, we do not know what happened. Joe meant more to us than any of you will ever know. He was an incredible musician and an amazing friend. He will forever be missed and will always be in our hearts and memories. We have decided to have one more show which will be a memorial tribute for Joe. All Hell Breaks Loose will play our final show ever with the help of our friend, Rene from Target Nevada on drums. The show will be in Miami, FL sometime in the next few weeks. All the money that is raised from the show as well as whatever merch we sell will be donated to Joe's family. Anyone who has questions or wants to help, email us at xbandslutx@yahoo.com. Lastly, to everyone across the country who has called us the last few days, sent their best wishes, and dropped us emails, we love you all. To everyone in South Florida, thank you. From the beginning, you always supported us. We can't thank you enough. Thank you and good night. R.I.P - Joseph William Lamadrid" - ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE

11/23/04 - ANOTHER FREAKING SA MOB RELEASE OUT ALL READY!?!  Yup, the SHOTPOINTBLANK “heart of a disbeliever” CDs are now out and about.  12 amazing hardcore anthems that will have you punching holes in your walls before you know it.  Stop on over to our WEBSTORE and order one up today!  Check out the MP3 "Overcome" to see what’s in store.   
"heart of a disbeliever"
: $10 CD :

The fine Australian lads from SHOTPOINTBLANK will be spending their holidays in the USA this year.  The band will be touring the States from Dec-Mar in support of their new SA MOB release.  SPB will be sharing the stage with some great bands such as CASEY JONES, KIDS LIKE US, FORGIVENESS DENIED, and many more.  They are also honored to be rocking out on Jan 2nd with the ever amazing PATH OF RESISTANCE, along with THE PROMISE, BANE, and many more.  The band couldn’t be happier to be making their first trip to the US to show all of us Seppos what Australian hardcore has to offer.  Keep you eyes on the TOUR section to see if Shotpointblank are coming to your town.  We’re still filling in some gaps for Jan & Feb so if you think you can help out, CONTACT US HERE.

The MOB couldn’t be happier with the responses we’ve been getting for our other recent full length CD releases from TARGET NEVADA & ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.  Please keep the WEBSTORE orders rolling in.  We just whipped up a little ghetto CD sampler featuring a track from all of the new SA MOB releases.  These will be FREE with the next 100 web orders we receive.  Along with the Sampler CD we also have some new sticker & button designs that come free with every order.

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE have two amazing FL shows lined up with one of heavy metals hottest sensations right now, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.  Check the TOUR section for more details.

And let’s not forget about HOLDEN CAULFIELD & PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER who have both been busy working on new material.  Well we've put everything out in 2004 that we had planned.  That’s all of the news for now, we’ve got a few new releases in the works but we’re gonna keep those hush hush until the time is right, most likely after the new year.  Take care. - EMS

11/11/04 - I'm back from Europe and damn it was amazing.  Saw lots of great bands, hung out with old friends, and made some new ones too.  While I was gone the TARGET NEVADA CDs rolled in and I must say it came out flawless.   We'll be shipping these out to all fine distributors within the next few days but in the mean time click on the BUY button to the right and order that sucker up!  Be sure to check out the MP3 and tell all of your friends about the CD!  MP3"Spring Break... (show us your tits)"

"no, we don't want to play your shitty fest"
: $10 CD :

10/10/04 - We have just put up a limited time deal in conjunction with Good Bye Blue Skies records offering both the brand new "Self titled" full length CD from ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE on SA MOB, along with a copy of their debut CDep on GBBS for the amazing low price of $10!  We have also lowered a bunch of prices on older SA MOB titles.  Check out the STORE to order!

10/8/04 - I just got back from a quick Stretch Arm Strong / Underoath tour in the US and I'm going right back out again.  This time it's overseas to Europe for a solid month.  Unfortunately due to space constraints I will not be able to take SA MOB releases over with me.  While I am away, website & mailorders will still be processed & shipped by our pal & roommate from War Torn Records.  So have no fear, order some SA MOB swag immediately... I SAID NOW!!!

Upon returning home in Nov we plan on getting some new distro items, restocking some old ones, and spreading our releases as far around the world as we can get them.  Other exciting news is that I will have the
SHOTPOINTBLANK & TARGET NEVADA full length CDs waiting for me!  So expect those to be available mid-November.  We couldn't be more excited to unleash those fuckers.  

are about to embark on an Australian tour with Trustkill Records MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD.  The SPB winter USA dates are starting to shape up as well.  All of the other SA bands have some great shows coming up too so check out the TOUR section.

9/4/04 - We're back from tour!  Thanx to all who came out and picked up something from the SA MOB table.  BIG NEWS!  The ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE CD has finally come in.  The printing didn't come out exactly how we had wanted so the first press is going to be "limited" in a sense.  Any orders that were sent in the past few weeks have been mailed out as of yesterday. Thanx to anyone who has been patiently waiting while we were on tour, your records & CDs should be there shortly.  Spread the news about the new SA MOB releases!

8/5/04 - We now have the PRAYER FOR CLEANSING available on CD as well as on 7" vinyl.  Pick them both up in our WEBSTOREThe green/orange "Irish" edition is only available through SA MOB and War Torn Records websites.  So act fast before they're gone!

Tonight is the first night of the HOLDEN CAULFIELD tour.  Check out the TOUR section to see if they are playing your area.  Everyone should go out and support them! CLICK HERE FOR DATES.  A bunch of the other SA MOB bands have tons of tour dates you should also check out!

8/1/04 - The PRAYER FOR CLEANSING 7”s are now in!!!  We received them just in time for their amazing set at Hellfest this year and if you didn’t get a chance to pick one up there, what the hell were you thinking?  Go to our improved WEBSTORE right now and order that sucker.  We have added a MP3 from the 7”.  CLICK HERE TO ROCK. (click on colored vinyl for pressing info).

8/1/04 -  The ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE CD will arriving this week so we have started accepting pre-orders.  If you place an order for it now you will be one of the first to get your grubby little mosh deprived hands on ‘em.  CLICK HERE to bedroom mosh to the track "family portrait" off of their new CD.

HOLDEN CAULFIELD are putting together the finishing touches on their tour this month.  If you get the chance, go to one of their shows!  Should be a good time.  CLICK HERE FOR DATES.

     PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER are currently looking for a new drummer.  Anyone in the Erie or surrounding areas that is interested please contact psrcrew@surpriseattackrecords.com  You must be able to practice regularly, have your own gear, and be willing to do weekends on the road.  Bring the rock.  PSR would like to thank their friends Ethan and Bob for filling in for the summer and making it so the band didn’t have to cancel any shows.  If you haven’t checked out their new split CD with SHOTPOINTBLANK I want you to leave my website now!
     Speaking of SHOTPOINTBLANK, we are gearing up for the US release of their new full length “Heart of a Disbeliever” which in our opinion is going to be one of the best hardcore records released this year, hands down.  We have added 2 new MP3s off of the CD which should be out in Oct.  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.  SPB will be touring Australia with our good friends in Most Precious Blood and are also making plans of coming to America by the end of 2004 to bring the mosh.  FOR TOUR DATES CLICK HEREIn the meantime check out their split w/ PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER.

We have picked up a whole slew of new titles for our DISTRO from our friends Filled With Hate Records.  You can also get the latest SA MOB releases from FWH in Germany .  You should also check out the new Caninus 7” from our close friends at War Torn Records which is also available in our DISTRO.

Good news for you!  We have changed our shipping and handling rates in order to accommodate your wallets a little better.  We have lowered the rates and you save even more moola the more items you order!  So get at it dawg.  CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

All SA MOB releases will be available throughout August as we will be on tour with Stretch Arm Strong  (some dates are w/ Martyr AD and others with Rise Against).  Stop by our merch and pick up the new jams.

6/20/04 - Quick update:  The ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE full length CD has been sent to the plant.  We hope to have them back in time to unleash them on the masses at Hellfest 2004.  A new MP3 entitled "family portrait" has been released and you can hear it by CLICKING HERE!  The band hopes to hit the road the at the end of July & first week of August.  The tour would take them all over the East Coast.  Stay tuned for info.

6/2/04 - We are proud to announce that Surprise Attack Records will be releasing a brand new 7" from the very influential North Carolina metalcore giants PRAYER FOR CLEANSING.  After PFC's amazing reunion show last Spring the band decided to jump into the studio to record 3 songs that were not included on their old CD.  If you missed the NC show, PFC will be making one more appearance at this year's Hellfest.  The CDep and 7" will be collectively released by Surprise Attack, War Torn Records, & Southern Empire.  More info to come.

The ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE CD is almost finished and will be heading to press soon.  You can expect these to be out in July.  This shit is amazing, easily one of the heaviest records to come out this year.

sa26 - PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER / SHOTPOINTBLANK split CD is getting a great response from everyone so far.  Be sure to pick this split up fool!

We have added a few new items to our webstore.  More releases keep showing up so keep checking back!  Please support our distro and these other great labels.

For your convenience... you can now purchase SA MOB CDs from SMARTPUNK.com.  If you live in Europe, Dead Serious Records and Filled With Hate Records have recently stocked up on our new titles!  Or even better yet, order directly from us from our quick and easy webstore.

5/15/04 - We have just added a special deal that includes the new PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER / SHOTPOINTBLANK split CD, PSR's "winner takes all" CD, & Shotpointblank's "kill... breath... kill" CD for one low price.  YOU CAN SAVE $5 WITH THIS LIMITED OFFER FOR 3 GREAT CDS!  To get in on this great deal click here for the WEBSTORE!

5/13/04 - The PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER / SHOTPOINTBLANK split CDeps are now in!  So order away.  It came out amazing and both bands are sure to floor you!  If you are a fan of heavy hardcore go to the WEBSTORE now!!!

4/27/04 - It's just 2 short weeks away from the release of the PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER / SHOTPOINTBLANK split CDep.  Here's your chance to be one of the first to get ahold of one.  We're offering pre-sales now so check out the WEBSTORE to place your order.  These will be shipped out the day we get them from the plant.  We've got some new Surprise Attack Records stickers that will come free with every order.

We've also added MP3s from each band that you can download by visiting our HXCMP3.com site by

4/23/04 - PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER played their first few shows back.  From everyone we talked to we have heard that the PSR crew haven't lost their touch one bit.  Word on the street was that the show in Evansville, IN was pretty intense!  Unfortunately, before PSR played it was discovered that someone had either inadvertently or intentionally picked up their only guitar.  If anyone has any info on this please get in touch ASAP to info@surpriseattackrecords.com Any help is appreciated in getting this guitar returned.  The sick MIA battle axe is a Jackson Performer Series 4, dark bluish color, Seymor Duncan George Lynch pickup in the bridge position Bad news aside... it's only a few weeks until their new split CD with SHOTPOINTBLANK hits the streets and their first hometown SHOW back happens.  MP3s, cover art, and pre-orders coming soon!

HOLDEN CAULFIELD will be rocking out at the www.RiverValleyRiot.com this weekend in Huntington WV with aton of other great bands.

4/9/04 - VIDEO SHOOT!!! HOLDEN CAULFIELD will be filming a video for the song "Set Phazers to Kill" off of their SA MOB CD "the art of burning bridges" at their next show on April 16th in Charleston, WV @ the Focus Skatepark.  Everyone should come out, it's going to be a great time... and don't forget your skateboard or bmx!!!  For more info CLICK HERE.

4/6/04 You can read a few reviews of our latest releases on a great European hardcore e-zine called AS ICE.net & you can now pick up our releases from our pals in Germany at DS55 Distribution.

We added a few pictures:



3/21/04 - You can hear some unreleased MP3s from BROTHER'S KEEPER by CLICKING HERE. 


THEY'RE BACK!!! - That's right, one of Erie's best bands are back in action and coming out swinging.  PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER were one of Erie's finest.  They brought a new sound to the area of a more genuine straight up NYHC influence, and kids immediately responded to them.  PSR pounded the pavement for over a year.   In that time, they played as many shows as humanly possible, and recorded  2 demos and a CDep (which we still have a few copies left in our webstore). Unfortunately, line up changes and members of the band wanting to switch musical directions led to their untimely doom. 
     Fast forward to 2004, founding members Dave Vogt (vocals) and Ryan Atzert (bass) decided that life was not the same without PSR and it didn't end the way it should have.  This time their agenda is focused, and their goals are in site.  To help in this mission, PSR recruited friends and awesome musicians Jon Molnar (guitar) & Patrick Bolla (drums) to complete the line up.  Things have been going smoothly due to their hard work ethic & all around enthusiasm towards the band.

PSR have all ready recorded 3 tracks to be released this Spring as a split with their Australian label mates SHOTPOINTBLANK.  They're first hometown show back is going to be amazing (check the tour section) featuring Comeback Kid, Holden Caulfield, Bleeding Through, & Between the Buried & Me.  Expect massive touring this Spring / Summer and they are also currently writing their full length to be recorded in June.  You can hear a handful of their tracks by CLICKING HERE.

have completed their self titled full length CD this past month.  We're all pretty confident that this band will induce more bloody noses in 2004 than any other band coming out.  Currently, we're finishing up the mastering and getting the layouts underway.  AHBL will be hitting the road for a string of dates with our friends LOVE IS RED from Stillborn Records.

have finished up recording their full length.  This record is really going to blow people away, you're not even going to know what to think.  Mixing and mastering is still being worked on and hopefully soon we will get this bastard to the pressing plant.  Their CDep sa22 - "something nasty" is still currently available and is flying out of here (NOT TOO MENTION IT'S ONLY $5 postage paid US).  Be sure to pick this up since it WILL NOT be repressed!

have been busy in the studio just like all of the other SA bands!  They've recently been recording their full length due out next summer.   They had all ready finished their tracks for the split w/ PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER.  SPB also have a few dates coming up with the legendary SICK OF IT ALL!!!

HOLDEN CAULFIELD are playing an awesome show this Friday 2/20 w/ Sworn Enemy, Himsa, With Honor, As I Lay Dying, & Silence the Epilogue in West Virginia.  If you can, stop on by!  Check out the flyer ~> CLICK HERE.

I can all ready tell that Feb is going to be an insane but awesome month.  4 out of 5 of the SA MOB bands will be in the studio, and once again SA MOB HQ will be relocating to South Philadelphia. 

sa22 - TARGET NEVADA "something nasty" CDep is now out and is a mere $5.  This release is a one time press so get this while you can.  The first 100 orders from the SA MOB webstore will come with a free sticker and a kick ass glow in the dark button.

Target Nevada are also entering the studio for a good part of the month to begin production on their full length CD.  Also in the studio are All Hell Breaks Loose who are working on a new CDep for the MOB.  Our FL boys are staying busy.

We are offering a special right now. You can get a 3 CD pack of all of our new releases and save $5!  Check out the SA MOB webstore for more info, and dont forget to check out the ONLINE DISTRO because it seems like we're getting new stuff in every day.

SHOTPOINTBLANK have an awesome interview online that you can read at  Cara Cara Underground E-zine. It covers a lot of aspects as to what their band is all about.

More news to come about our other projects in the making!

In TARGET NEVADA news, you can hear Alan laying down some seriously sick guest vocals on the new Remembering Never CD out now on Ferret Records.

There's also a ton of new stuff from our friends at Good Life Records and more, in our ONLINE DISTRO.  Not to mention we have even more great hardcore coming from many other kick ass labels and friends.

Happy New Years fellow Mobsters!!!  Another year has past.  2004 is all ready shaping up to be a huge year for the SA MOB.  You just wait and see.  We don't fake it, we just take it.

HOLDEN CAULFIELD have been voted spotlight of the week on www.HxCmp3.com  so go peep that site out, download their songs, and check out some other hot talent on there.  While you are there be sure to check out the SA MOB mp3 page if you don't all ready have our songs!

We have also added a ton of new amazing items in our WEBSTORE from our friends at Spook City Records and Life Sentence Records.  More quality hardcore / metalcore CDs are on their way.

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Merry Christmas to all from the SA MOB!  I really wish it was snowing in Philly right now to have the full effect.  Something about a white Christmas still warms my heart.

Quick update:  Tons of new goodies added to our ONLINE DISTRO.  Check it out for our safe, secure, and speedy online ordering. (In other words... give us your Xmas loot yo!)

Click on the BANDS section for all of the awesome upcoming SA bands  show date info...  we're excited to announce the first HOLDEN CAULFIELD show in 6 months!!!  Hurry up and order their CD!  We will be giving out stickers and buttons with each Holden Caulfield CD while supplies last! TARGET NEVADA would like to welcome Amado Ventura as their new bassist.  His first show with the band will be Jan 16th w/ Glasseater. We've also finally added a Target Nevada JOURNAL for all of your enjoyment.  ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE have a bunch of awesome shows coming up with great bands such as Until the End, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Shattered Realm, and more.  They will be donating all of the money they make on Dec 29th to our friends in Bleeding Through who recently had a bad accident on tour.  We're also excited because the recording dates for the ALL HELL CD have now been confirmed for late Feb.  SHOTPOINTBLANK just got back from tour and had an amazing time.  Thanx to all who showed their support.  They are currently writing and recording new demo tracks.


For the next several orders for the SHOTPOINTBLANK “kill breath kill” CDep we will be giving away FREE SPB buttons and stickers. Limited supplies so act fast!

“Shotpointblank is apparently Australian for hardcore, or at least that's what this quartet from Down Under would like you to believe. Based on the group's eight tracks of unbridled aggression, SPB does a very good job of deriving Hatebreed's anger and Madball's violent breakdowns, especially in the pit anthem "Born to Die", whose torturously screamed chorus of "born to die" is bound to send people to the hospital.” – CRUSHER MAGAZINE

Catch SHOTPOINTBLANK on tour next week in Australia. Tour dates are in the BANDS section.

We also have some new SA MOB button designs that will be given out with every order along with our CD samplers.
New HOLDEN CAULFIELD buddy icon ~>

TARGET NEVADA CD single has been titled "SOMETHING NASTY" and will head to the pressing plant soon.

We are down to our last 100 copies of the
sa19 -
PROBLEM SOLVER REVOLVER “winner takes all” CDep

& we only have a handful of copies of the
sa12 -
xDISCIPLEx AD "lantern" CDep
so be sure to hit up our
ONLINE STORE before these are completely out of print.

Lots of shows coming up for all of the SA MOB bands. SHOTPOINTBLANK  are touring Australia. Click the flyer for the "SPILL THE BLOOD" Dec tour dates.

For all other TOUR dates check out the
BANDS section.  TARGET NEVADA  &  ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE  both have a lot going on in the next few months. You don't want to miss these bands live!

Don't forget to check out our ONLINE DISTRO section. We've gotten in a few new titles from other cool labels that are willing to trade with us. More coming soon!

Other than our own reliable
ONLINE STORE our releases can now be purchased through a few of the best sources for ordering hardcore, punk, & metal... Very Distro, Interpunk, & Revelation Records.


If you're in the FL area, there's an awesome show coming up...
November 21st at Spanky's in West Palm Beach:
ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, Remembering Never, TARGET NEVADA, The Hatchet Lady & one more TBA Doors at 6:30 - $7

SA MOB is now up on
If you want to be linked to the label & the rest of the mob, just invite us.

first name:
last name: Records
email: ems@surpriseattackrecords.com

Unfortunately the recording for the TARGET NEVADA full length has been pushed back to February due to the studio's schedule. Well... we just couldn’t wait any longer to assault your ears so we have decided to release a limited CD single of 1,000 copies never to be repressed. There will also be some limited edition goodies to accompany the CD for the first 100 orders directly from the Surprise Attack Records site. Oh yeah, and on top of all of that, these are also gonna be super cheap!!! Woo hoo! This CD will be available just in time for a perfect stocking stuffer!
For those of you who don’t know, Florida’s
Target Nevada play some fucking brutal metal influenced hardcore ranging from chaotic to downright primal. And there’s no mistaking Alan’s maniacal screams as someone who has a lot on his mind. If you don’t believe us check out their MP3.
sa22 - TARGET NEVADA “Dawson’s Creek” – CDsingle

Our latest releases from HOLDEN CAULFIELD and SHOTPOINTBLANK will be available from REVELATION RECORDS online store & INTERPUNK.com as of this week. We encourage you to support these hard working folks and don’t forget to order some SA MOB releases fool! And in case you forgot, you can always order them straight from our ONLINE STORE. Take care.

Yet another awesome HOLDEN CAULFIELD review is in from AMP Magazine. And be sure to check out ANTIMUSIC.com where they are also featured as "Artist of the Month".

"I see the Catcher reference and immediately assume this is going to be emo. Man oh man, was I wrong. What you have here is some righteously raging old school hardcore with a great sense of melody in it’s moshalicious fury. Think of a young SOIA cross with an older SOIA playing catch in INDECISION’s backyard with the members of NINE LIVES while they all listen to GORILLA BISCUITS. There ya go. That’s what this is. Find it. Buy it. Be happy that you did."

More and more orders are starting to come in for our top notch releases. Be sure to check out our
ONLINE STORE. You can also get our releases and other great hardcore, metal, indie, and punk music from VERY DISTRO.

This Saturday, Oct. 4th in Ocala, FL:
HOODS, SEVENTH STAR, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, IN DUE TIME @ the Tuscawilla Youth Center (701 NE sanchez ave.) 7:00 For Info EMAIL HERE.

If you happen to have any photographs of any SA MOB bands please drop us a line at

We've added some BANNERS to the
MEDIA section. Feel free to link them up on your websites or messageboards. We'd really appreciate it! We're also working on some new AIM buddy icons for you to download and pimp.

HOLDEN CAULFIELD from WV are still looking for a drummer. Any interested parties in trying out, or even if you would want to fill in for some shows, please email holdencaulfield@surpriseattackrecords.com

We've added a ton of new LINKS in the webzine section. They help the MOB out so you should quit looking at porn on your mom's computer and peep these sites.

If you happen to be in Adelaide, Australia next Friday Sept 26th, you should go see SHOTPOINTBLANK tear it up with the mighty HOPE CONSPIRACY. Check out the flyer  HERE. This will also be the first chance for kids in Australia to get the U.S. version of the "Kill <breath> Kill" CD directly from the band.

I broke our Messageboard. Shit happens. Either go outside and enjoy some fresh air or if you're really hard up, go to our old standby MESSAGEBOARD.

We've added a new BANDS section so you can read up on all of the great SA MOB bands.

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE are hitting the road for 3 Northern East Coast shows this weekend. Let's hope little Miss Hurricane Isabel doesn't interfere.

FRI 9/19 Syracuse, NY
All Hell Breaks Loose
& more
at the Westcott Center
SAT 9/20 Waterbury, CT
Dead Wrong (Last Show)
The Distance
All Hell Breaks Loose
at Bank St VFW
SUN 9/21 NYC, NY
Sworn Enemy
The Distance
The Takeover
All Hell Breaks Loose
at CBGB's

We're back from the beach all tan and relaxed. Surprise Attack Records would like to introduce our newest edition... Crazy brutally beautiful metal / hardcore from the Floridian lewd crude nude dudes known as TARGET NEVADA. This band will surely be turning heads as well as breaking noses in the future. Check out their BRAND NEW MP3s - "Dawson's Creek"

The Poison the Well / Throwdown split 7" will not be pressed due to the fact that the material is now rather dated for both bands.

VACATION TIME! For the next week I will be lounging on the lovely beaches of Ocean City, MD with my loved ones. Do not fear, all orders will be processed the minute I get home. Once we get back, lots of updates as well as some big news.

Some new items in the DISTRO. Peep it yo.

The ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE CDep debut on Good Bye Blue Skies Records is now available from our E-STORE.
Check out their MP3
"The Aftermath" from this release.

Get to know this band because their next CD is dropping by the end of this year on SA MOB! Current and ex members of Until The End, Target Nevada, Destro, Santa Sangre, & Where Fear and Weapons Meet. Brutal South FL mosh.
(We are going to be adding lots of distro items to the store in the weeks to come, keep checking back for updates.)

Unfortunately Holden Caulfield will be losing their drummer. He's been called back into active duty and will be stationed overseas for the next 18 months. We wish him a safe journey and hope to see him state side soon. We'll be thinking of ya Jeff. In the meantime the band is looking for a replacement. Here's what the band has to say...
"We are in desperate need of a drummer. Jeff has been called to war and there's no way that he's getting out of it this time, so we need someone to replace him. It's not an easy job, but it's a fun job, that's for sure. We're going to spend as much time on the road as possible, and we plan to record a full-length in December or January. If you're interested, send an email to holdencaulfield@surpriseattackrecords.com. We would like to do this IMMEDIATELY. We're also still in search of a second guitar player."

The SHOTPOINTBLANK CD is NOW OUT!!! Don't dick around, order that and the new HOLDEN CAULFIELD from our new E-STORE right this fucking second if you want to hear some good hardcore. The Holden Caulfield CD got an awesome review on PAHARDCORE.com and don't forget to check out both bands MP3S.

MP3 - Holden Caulfield - "Sorry About Last Night" CDep

MP3 - Shotpointblank – "Kill… Breath… Kill" CDep

Okay, we busted our asses and have installed a BRAND NEW ONLINE STORE. We are excited about this new store because we can now accept credit card orders from anywhere in the world (before we could only accept US orders). We have also designed a new PRINTABLE MAILORDER FORM for anyone who would like to send us cash or money orders through the mail. SHOTPOINTBLANK CD out this week fools, order yours now.

There are 4 new MP3s up of some of our past releases. You should check them out. Some of these bands were definitely ahead of their time. Click on the album covers to hear more. Enjoy.


HOLDEN CAULFIELD “the art of burning bridges” CDep is now out!!! Be sure to ORDER your copy today. It’s been getting great feedback all ready in its first week.


sa23 SHOTPOINTBLANK “kill... breath… kill” CDep release date is July 29th. It will be available for pre-orders very soon. The artwork came out great!

Don’t forget to check out the new
JOURNALS section as we slowly get all of the bands up on line. I’m sure it will prove interesting. Also, don't forget to get your bedroom mosh on with our new MP3s.

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE are currently writing material for their CD to be recording in the fall for their SA MOB release. Their debut CD will be out by the end of Jul on Goodbye Blue Skies Records. We will feature the CD in our e-store so you can order it directly through us.

5/18/03 Summer of SA MOB 2003.... taking names motherfuckers.

Okay it's 9 am as I'm sitting in a Laundromat as I write this. I should not be up this early. Lots of great news at the camp.
SHOTPOINTBLANK "war on the floor" Australian tour is going on from the end of May-June.  For tour dates click HERE.  Hopefully we will receive the CD layouts this week so we can get it to the plant and start blowing up your stereos.

2 new names to the SA MOB:

Out next on SA are our friends from WV HOLDEN CAULFIELD . All I can say is that these guys are intense. Heavy and intelligent hardcore in the vein of Most Precious Blood / Black Cross / Burn It down. Their CD "The Art of Burning Bridges" is all ready recorded and the layouts have begun Check out an mp3 from the CD "Sorry About Last Night" and see how good this band really is. Watch for them playing all over this summer including Cornerstone Fest. Scheduled release date: July 2003

SA MOB has also asked FL devastators
ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE to do their next CD with the Mob. AHBL has a new disc dropping next month on Goodbye Blue Skies Records which is nothing short of brutal. Combining members of Santa Sangre, Destro, Dance Floor Justice, Until the End & Target Nevada... if that doesn't tell you enough than the MP3 "The Aftermath" from their CD about to come out should! And yes, they do have 3 guitarists! Release date: TBA

IN THE WORKS: Online E-Store so SA MOB can soon accept credit card orders! SA MOB buddy icons & wallpaper. Extensive MP3 page.

3/10/03 - Spring is soon here, and if you're like me, you can't wait.  Warm weather and longer days will spawn productivity here at the SA MOB camp.  We all need to shake these winter blues.  We're hoping to put out a handful of releases this year since things have been quiet for a bit now.  Even if we have to rob a few 7-11s to get the means.

Big news here, SA MOB has relocated to the city where I was spawned in, Philadelphia.  Erie has been amazing for the past 8 years but we felt it was time to move our base of operations, and Philly was our first pick.  I met and made a ton of amazing friends, saw lots of good shows, had good times, and made lots of great memories.  Erie will forever be a huge part of my life, Lake Effect is even etched into my skin.  Much love goes out to the LExHC and will be missed.

The SHOTPOINTBLANK layouts should be finished shortly by Mr. Mike Ski once he gets home from tour with his new band www.TheAKAs.com.  Mike has also done a lot of previous work for us here at the mob.  Check out his site www.gun-for-hire.com to see his sick skills.

We have a few other new things coming to the site in the following weeks such as... a new Messageboard, a new MP3 page, SA MOB buddy icons, desktops, and banners.  Stay tuned for updates on all of that cool stuff.

Take care and drop us a line if you have any comments. - EMS 100%